Our design approach intends to wrap visitors in the landscape. We emphasize plant selection, material selection and general forms that provide for a rich landscape experience.


Modern life is busy.  Landscapes become a critical source of human wellness as well as direct environmental benefit. Our projects aim to bring a sense of nature to users while maximizing environmental value.


The design and development process is increasingly complex. Our practice focuses specifically on landscape architectural design, which requires a deep understanding of site systems, horticulture and the behaviors of people.


Our hope is to create moments of interest, memory and joy for people. Humans are programmed to observe small changes in the environment and our designs work to provide something new at each visit.

Intentionally Small

We recognize our personal time and attention is at the heart of our product. Our team is sized to maximize accountability, craft and service.


Our design process is tied to basic principles of art- line, form, color and texture. Each of these principles may be emphasized within a design, or blended to emphasize harmony. Landscapes are inherently changeable and this approach helps our designs maintain their richness over time.


Brian Ott  512.415.5570 Philip Koske  512.586.4630

2051 South Lamar Austin, Texas 78704

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our story

Nudge Design was formed in 2017 by Brian Ott and Philip Koske. The motivation to start the office was born out of a passion for the direct practice and craft of landscape architecture. As a result, Nudge Design is a practice that is wholly dedicated to demonstrating the value of landscape in modern life.